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Safety & Security Window Film

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The standard industry accepted method of applying window film with soap and water is antiquated and provides NO structural benefits.

Johnson’s baby shampoo is designed for washing hair and dish washing soap is designed for washing dishes. These consumer products have ingredients that are problematic and have no business being between glass and window film.


C-Bond is a patented non-toxic, water based ‘green’ nanotechnology window film application solution designed to significantly increase glass strength, enhance glass flexibility and increase the adhesion of window film to glass products.

About C-BOND

C-Bond technology was developed at Rice University in Texas and is a direct result of nanotechnology engineering. Home to the Smalley Institute of Nanoscience & Technology, Rice is ranked #1 in the world in the commercialization of nanotechnology products and the recipient of the Nobel Prize for Nanoscience research. C-Bond Systems partners with and employs several of the most highly regarded specialty institutions and highly qualified subject matter experts in the glass, window film and nanotechnology industries.

How C-BOND Works

C-Bond Technology works as a “smart solution”. It enables ordinary glass to dissipate energy by identifying random microscopic defects that are a natural part of every glass surface. C-Bond works to repair the identified surface imperfections that weaken the glass composite structure and ultimately act as failure initiators. C-Bond also improves the performance of window film products by significantly enhancing the adhesion of film-to-glass products, so that in case of impact, no large pieces will escape the immediate area of the glass surface resulting in serious laceration and/or life threatening injuries. The C-Bond formula is engineered to always maintain original glass integrity while increasing the performance properties of glass and window film products.




C-Bond technology has (2) generations of products that have been tested and validated by leading and independent ‘gold standard’ laboratories in accordance to industry, government, justice system and law enforcement standards and validated to improve the performance properties of glass and window film products.


C-Bond is commercially proven at some of the highest security facilities in the world:

Ready to protect your windows?