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Safety Window Film for Your Home and Business

Ballistic Security Window Film Installation in San Antonio

Turn your normal glass into ballistic security window film.

Safety and security window film is the answer to protecting your family and property from the many dangers that can threaten your safety and belongings This film system can stop would-be intruders by strengthening your window security – it utilizes patented nanotechnology that can even stop bullets in their tracks. Trust your installation from A1 Glass Coating team. Our friendly Universal City, TX area experts are highly trained and certified to help with your perfect installation. Even more, this technology is significantly less expensive than traditional bullet proof glass.

Some other great benefits of our security window film include:

Protect Your Home with Security Window Film

Keep yourself and your family even safer and rest easier by knowing your windows offer an extra layer of security. Think about it: windows offer an easy entrance to your property. While locks and doors provide more resistance as access points, normal windows can easily be broken with blunt force objects like bricks, crowbars and hammers as well as bullets from guns. When you have the proper window security film, you’ll also be keeping your property safe when you’re away from home too. Windows that are nearly impossible to break will provide quite a challenge for any potential thieves.

Safeguard Your Business with Ballistic Security Window Film

Whether you have an office building filled with important documents and expensive computers, a commercial operation where security is vital or a storefront shop with merchandise in plain view, you need reliable protection from potential outdoor threats. This safety and security window film system can protect from break-ins that could cause a significant downtick to your business and financial stability. Our experts can quickly install the security film even on large scale buildings. We understand that your operations need to run smoothly so our team will work efficiently to minimize any interruptions to your schedule.

Types of Businesses That Can Benefit:

How Does Ballistic Window Film Work?

It starts with a state-of-the-art solution that helps adhere the film to the window. We are proud to use C-Bond solution for our applications. C-Bond solution pinpoints incredibly small defects on the surface of ordinary glass. These defects make glass weaker, but this solution repairs them to strengthen the window, giving it more flexibility and strength. It also assists with film adhesion. When this full system is utilized, it gives the window an incredibly high amount of protection against breaking and shattering. This combination will also stop large shards of glass from being propelled about in the nearby area if an impact does occur, thereby reducing the risk of lacerations for anyone in the vicinity. It’s truly a reliable tool for safety.

Stay Even Safer with Our Security Window Film

This film system has another added benefit towards the safety of people in your building. This window film offers protection from ballistics from the outside in, but breakable from the inside out. That means in a situation where your building or home occupants need to escape using a window, they won’t be trapped. Instead they’ll have the ability to break the glass outwards to provide an exit. It’s yet another feature that makes this product a worthwhile investment.

Contact Us for Expert Safety and Security Window Film Installation

Call us at 210-490-3977 today or request an estimate or appointment online to start making your windows safer and stronger. Our certified installers are ready to enhance your window security in San Antonio, La Vernia, Devine, Hondo, Boerne, New Braunfels, Pleasanton, Universal City, Seguin and the surrounding areas.

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