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Ensuring Comfort Throughout San Antonio

A1 Glass Coating in San Antonio provides quality tint solutions for auto, home and business owners across Texas and have been doing so for over 30 years! We specialize in automotive window tinting, residential window film and commercial window film that stop harmful UV rays from entering inside. The result? Reduced glare, comfortable temperatures and lower energy bills. In addition, our window films defend your home and car against harsh, Texas weather. We also carry products that offer forced entry protection and films that protect glass from scratches, graffiti and other types of vandalism.

Our specialty applications include:

– Decorative Film
– Bomb Blast Film
– Safety and Security Film
– Mirror, Graffiti and Metal Shield
– Bullet Resistant Application Systems
– Paint Protection
– Vinyl Graphics

Your car and building windows now have a superpower – an invisible shield that stands up to the sun, the weather and the bad guys, protecting the items you love and your loved ones.

Protect your most valuable investments while enjoying cool, relaxing comfort year-round at home and on the road. Contact us today at 210-490-3977 for a free estimate!

Automotive Window Tinting

Make every drive more pleasant with FormulaOne High Performance Auto Tint from LLumar car window film to keep your car looking good and feeling great.
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Residential Window Tinting

UV rays are an unwelcome guest in your home. Vista residential window film from A1 Glass Coating blocks rays on the spot to reduce glare, heat spots and sun damage.
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Commercial Window Tinting

Make your tenants more comfortable and reduce high energy bills thanks to LLumar commercial window tinting that fits your budget and matches your building aesthetics.
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Graffiti Control

Are you protected against vandalism? Learn how Graffiti Shield products can save you thousands in graffiti removal.
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Safety and Security

Safety and security film provides an invisible protective “safety barrier” that is resilient to high impact force and severe stress environments. This application significantly enhances the adhesion of glass-to-window film products so in the event of impact, shards/pieces will be retained within the immediate area of the compromised glass surface.
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