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Graffiti Control Film

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Glass Shield

Glass Shield is a 6 mil. thick Anti-Graffiti abatement film designed to be a clear undetectable sacrificial coating on glass.

This product was initially designed to solve a common problem with vandals scratching or etching glass and mirrors in public and or private environments. Typically once the glass is scorn it has to be replaced to rid the glass of damage. Since glass is everywhere around us, it makes an unfortunate perfect canvas for vandals to “tag” and easily cause an epic amount of damage. The damage is traditionally etched with either screwdriver like tools, carbide tipped drill bits and now even acid is introduced into their arsenal. In the case of acid, we are finding that they mix white shoe polish and acid together and dispense it with a letter moistener found at any office supply store. This damage is effortless on the vandal’s part, but with minutes of scribing their “tag” on glass, the acid etches into the glass surface and burns the shoe polish into the etching making a highly visible form of vandalism which cannot be removed by any cleaning product.

Metal Shield

Metal Shield Metal Film San Antonio - Before Metal Shield Metal Film San Antonio - After

Metal Shield is a 6.5 mil. thick Anti-Graffiti abatement and obscuring film to be applied on existing metal surfaces to replicate the original surface appearance.

This Patent Pending product was initially designed to solve a common problem with Stainless Steel in general public environments. Typically Stainless Steel is the metal of choice to resist corrosion and rusting from the elements as a cladding or building material. However as durable as this metal is, it is easily damaged by anything abrasive including but not limited to sand paper, keys and screwdriver like tools. With that said, a vandal could “tag” their name into a panel of Stainless Steel with minimal effort and cause epic damage. Since Stainless Steel is prefinished at a factory with large format machinery to give it a polished grain appearance, repairing damage by hand in the field is virtually impossible to achieve without having a refinished or repaired look.

The solution- Metal Shield.  By preparing the Stainless Steel and installing over the damage our 6.5 mil thick film that replicates the appearance of original Stainless Steel you are rendered a clean new protected surface. This film is thick enough to protect the substrate from normal damage if it was to be vandalized again and or cover up existing damage while making the surface look new and factory finished.

Metal Shield utilizes a proprietary adhesive strictly designed to bond strong enough as to not be removed by the general public but easily removed by a trained technician without leaving any adhesive transfer on the metal surface.

Stainless Steel is just one of many finishes that Metal Shield is available in.

Mirror Shield

Mirror Shield Glass Film San Antonio - Before Mirror Shield Glass Film San Antonio - After

Mirror Shield, a patent pending product that was designed to help keep up with vandalism spreading to new canvases. Graffiti is now being found on mirrors, regardless of it being a public or private environment. Since mirrors are often found in restrooms, this makes the perfect canvas as it’s a less populated area. This can give vandals an infinite amount of time to cause epic amounts of damage to the surface. Damage is traditionally done with screwdriver like tools or knives in order to carve into the surface. Once a mirror is vandalized it’s rendered useless and will typically get replaced. However, the installation of Mirror Shield can prevent the need to replace the mirror and will further protect it from damage.

Another issue with mirrors is corrosion at the bottoms or edges due to the moisture. This is just as bad looking as vandalism, sometime worse. Corrosion gives the impression of a non clean environment and looks terrible. Mirror Shield covers up the corrosion with its reflective opaque properties making the mirror look new and fresh.

Mirror Shield offers the reflective look of a mirror, while providing protection to the surface underneath. When a mirror is then re-vandalized it will only be the protective film that’s destroyed, not the mirror. Mirror Shield is also a green alternative to replacing the actual mirror. Instead of throwing the mirror away and having it sit in a land fill, you’re simply covering the surface to make it “like new” again. Like our other products it is acid resistant and it also uses the same adhesive so that it can’t be pulled off by the general public, but by a trained technician without leaving any adhesive residue behind.

Custom Shield

Custom Shield Film San Antonio

Advancing technology allowed not only just Glass Shield, Mirror Shield, and Metal Shield to be born, but also the ability to make custom products. These patent pending products are designed for a specific substrate and will mimic a surface while giving it all the benefits of an anti-graffiti film. The materials can be used in many different areas and applied to many different substrates. Custom Shield is made in small and large batches to fit your unique needs. The films can be sold by the roll or precut on our CNC machines. Either way we’ve got you covered.

Substrates and areas you can use Custom Shield:Metal Cladded Buildings

  • Powder Coated Surfaces
  • Window Frames
  • Train and Bus Interiors
  • Fuel Pumps
  • Elevator Cabs and Doors with Custom Finishes
  • Custom Substrates

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